Our service areas are complexes where travelers have access to all kinds of services, and where the cuisine on offer is joined by added value services such as shops, tourist information points, thematic areas, shopping spaces, hotels, gas stations, etc.

Our business concept aims to cover all the needs of every type of traveler, offering the highest quality, taking care of the presentation, with an attractive message. Our cozy, functional and very modern spaces give priority to rest and a great culinary offer.

Plato del restaurante de Abades Áreas

Culinary Offer

At Abades Areas you will find the most varied culinary offer en route. We have a cafeteria, Self Service and even an a la carte restaurant in some establishments with a great variety of dishes, menus and products.

Mujer practicando deporte

Special Diets

We offer a large number of dishes and products aimed at satisfying the needs of all our customers. Lactose free, gluten free, sugar free products, Halal products and options for celiacs, vegetarians, or vegans among others.

Pareja navegando con Wifi Gratis

Free Wi-Fi

At Abades Areas you will always be connected. Enjoy free Wi-Fi access in all of our establishments, even outside! Work, browse, play…

Niños con una sonrisa

Travelling with little ones

All of our service areas have been designed to offer large areas where you can enjoy your family stop. We have baby changing areas and high chairs in all of our establishments.

Lavandose las manos en un aseo

Clean toilets

At Abades Areas you will find an ample number of restrooms. All of our establishments have a strict cleaning schedule that is reinforced in the restroom areas.

Pareja jugando con un perro

Pets are Welcome!

More and more people are travelling for leisure and vacations with their pets, as they too are part of the family. At Abades Areas you don’t have to separate from them, your pet is always welcome.

Mujer visitando una tienda


Finding the perfect gift or keepsake, or what you need to continue on your way or enjoy the most typical products of the area is very easy in our specialized stores.

Recepcionista de hotel


Some of our service areas have a hotel, undoubtedly the perfect complement for those travelers who need to recover their strength after a long trip or need to spend the night at a strategic point.

Pareja de novio celebrando su boda

Event Rooms

From an intimate event to a great celebration. Many of our service areas have large function rooms that are ideal for holding company meetings, business lunches, weddings or any type of celebration.

Surtidor de gasolina

Fuel Station

Because your vehicle also needs to recover its strength. You will find a first-class gas station at all of our service areas.

Pareja feliz con una sonrisa

And much more…

Extensive parking lots, health and beauty shops, product tastings, free press, postbox, ice-cream shop and many more value-added services that will make your trip on the road an authentic experience. All of this, accompanied by the best of our smiles :-)

At Abades Areas we take the upmost care of the space, the decoration and the services offered. One of our maxims is to have a wide range of services that turn these establishments into authentic “airports” on the road.