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Abades Areas Service Areas

Abades Areas has more than 27 years of experience in the sector. For years we revolutionized the concept of rest on the road, being the precursors in creating open and wide spaces that allow free-flowing traffic and a streamlined service.

Every service area is strategically located at central points where the main highways and roads that cross our geography intersect. They are created as very functional spaces specially designed for the traveler to easily access the widest range of value-added services on the road.

Abades Areas, The Next Smile.

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All areas adhered to promotions. Except Abades Lodares.

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Our motto “The Next Smile” is Abades Areas’ claim, a concept that clearly defines our values.
All of our staff is motivated with a single objective: that our customers have an authentic experience on their road trip and that their break from the road is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.