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When you are traveling by road you may need a very specific product. Maybe something you need, the result of an unforeseen event, or maybe a last minute souvenir. And in every situation, however extreme or occasional they may be, we always want to provide you with reliable and quality products. To meet this demand, Abades Areas has a dense network of commercial spaces located in all service areas.

At these centers, the double function of responding to travelers’ needs is met as well as showing Abades clear commitment for the Andalusian and Spanish brands. Not in vain, at Abades Shops, the most traditional products from this land are known all over the world. Oils, legumes, typical products, cosmetics based on the properties of extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera, as well as accessories and other products.

Leading Brands and Own Brands

In many cases, these are authentic commercial galleries and, in others, boutiques specializing in top brand items. As is the case of our Oil Museum, specializing in products where extra virgin olive oil is the protagonist. Be it with the products you trust so much that the Abades Group stamps its own brand on, or with a selection of top-tier suppliers, we have the answer to whatever you need, whatever you want, any surprise, and what always ends up being a good buy.


Different natural cosmetic products that use different extracts of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil or aloe vera as a base. We take care of your skin with the best products from our land.


The extra virgin olive oil from Abades Farmhouse is a high quality product that aims to make the flavors and benefits of olive oil known to all national and international travelers who visit our spaces.

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